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Praise Report

Engineer Billy BayanakSupervising Producer Lifetones Studio

Pst Enomfon got everyone captivated in the studio during her last rendition of the song "BUILD THE BRIDGES NOW" and I am sure anyone listening to this same song will feel the same as we did in the studio. I had no problems getting inspired to do the guitars for her expressions were so deep and solemn.

Revd. Ethel OdungideHisFireplace Missions Foundation, Nigeria

"Build The Bridges Now" puts me in a balance were I have had to look within, weigh myself....
Question is "Have I built the right & clear bridges for my next generation."

Dr Gloria UchefunaCGMI Global Missions Resource Center, Virginia, USA

Awesome! Wonderful tools to precede or end a message on Family Restoration; inner healing... inter city outreaches; city/community crusades etc. I see young men and women, enstranged teenagers strolling across isles, out in the parks and fields with this music. Very handy for God's use.

Sampraise D'oracleGospel Artiste, SynergyRock World/RockNations Music

Pastor Mrs Ntefon is a minstrel with unusual grace... I got in contact with her and her songs while I was privileged to record with her in a studio in Nigeria. I can remember listening to the track "I came to worship" and while we were recording I felt a presence and immediately I had this sudden peace of mind because I was believing God for healing over my mum's health. And the high point was the track "Build the bridges". I can remember tears rolling down my cheeks when we started recording the song and a great burden of unforgiveness for my late father as a result of him leaving mum as a young boy left me. The song really is a blessing to me. Glory to God!

Bishop Joe IbojieThe Father's House, Aberdeen, Scotland

This is great indeed!! And I say amen to the declaration in the song. May the Lord continue to uphold you in every way. Blessings!

Pietro Partico

I love this. It's so deep, thank you for sharing.