Mums Against Youth Crime (MAYC)

This a divine initiative to prevent youth from getting to the point where they commit a crime or series of crimes. As a mother of 5 (3 young adults and 2 teenagers), I know motherhood is hard work. I also know that it is even harder for single mothers.

Despite this, Mothers can be highly instrumental in preventing youth crime. God has given us the grace to shape young lives for their destiny fulfillment.

Many a young person and an adult leader have attested to the fact that the prayers of their mothers saved their lives or helped them through a hard patch. To some that was the turning point in their lives.

In our 21 century,  in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland)…

  • How many mothers believe in praying?
  • How many mothers really know how to pray?
  • How many more know how to engage in this battle and fight for the lives and destiny of their offspring?

Praying can keep your innocent child coming back from school, or going out for the evening. Prayer can save the teen already being  targeted or influenced by peer pressure that could put their lives at risk. Prayers will destroy the yoke of the enemy off your teenager’s life.

Mums Against Youth Crime is aimed to  empower & reposition Mothers to  both Pray and Act.

Praying will bring the supernatural and do what you cannot do, but an informed Action requires knowledge, wisdom and skills.

In 2019, between May and August, Mums Against Knife Crime Rally was held in several key areas in the United Kingdom:

  • Basildon, Essex,
  • South Bromley
  • West Drayton, Middlesex
  • Finsbury Park, London

Mothers rightly empowered and supported can stop their young people from getting to that perilous place.

Let us join hands and hearts together to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the father.

Let the church arise and bring light into this darkness that is trying to envelope our land, families and nations.

"Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen over you - Isaiah 60:1