Kingdom Women In Ministry Globally...building a strong team for the global harvest!

KWIG operates on 6 tiers:

1. Family Building  2. Leadership Development  3.Training

4. Commissioning  5. Collaborations  6. Local & International Missions


The Kingdom Women in Ministry Globally,  KWIG (formerly, Music Women Ministerial Team) was birthed in Uyo, Nigeria in 2000).                                Music Women Ministerial Team then was an oasis of encouragement and alignment in an the unpredictable terrain of women’s ministry.  Women in ministry came from various backgrounds and church denominations gathered to be encouraged, sharpened, and released to fulfill the call of God upon their lives.

Today, Kingdom Women in Ministry Globally’s  mandate is to embrace all cultures to facilitate the Kingdom culture of love and inclusiveness globally.   In other words, KWIG is building a sustainable sisterhood and powerful partnerships that will engender kingdom connections to facilitate the global harvest of souls with the Gospel of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

According to God’s Word,  1 will chase 1000 and 2 will put 10,000 to flight!

Jesus will use Kingdom Women’s stories, testimonies, skills, callings and our corporate anointing to break cultural, denominational, traditional and stereotypical  barriers to win people of diverse cultures for Him.

Our running mandate is based on Psalms 68: 11. The Lord indeed is giving His Word to us and great is the company (host)  of women who published it.

KWIG, will therefore emphasize and facilitate prayer & intercession and incorporate worshiping our Father into the fabric of operations.

KWIG will mentor,  train and commission women to rise up where they are to reach those in their spheres for Christ.

KWIG will strengthen and facilitate ministries around the world.

KWIG will support missions work in whatever capacity the Lord enables her.

KWIG organizes:

  • Weekly Prayer & Intercession Meeting Online
  • Family, Missions and Marketplace Summits annually
  • Money, Missions and Marketplace Seminars
  • Training and Mobilization of women in other nations
  • Online Ministry, Missions and Marketplace Training
  • 4 – 7 Day European Mission Trips
  • 4- 21 day Mission Trips to other Nations
  • KWIG Israel Tours


  1. To redefine ministry and enforce the priority of missions – The Great Commission
  2. To maintain unity and sustain destiny partnerships for kingdom purposes
  3. To engender encouragement, support and strengthening each other as we minister alongside each other or apart from each other
  4. To mentor, disciple, train and commission women into their callings, ministry and assignments
  5. To partner with other kingdom assignments and ministries to multiply impact and reach for our Lord and Master
  6. To build entrepreneurial ventures, innovations and wealth creation strategies so as transfer wealth for this global harvest
  7. To empower women to be influential and reach those in their 8 spheres of influence;  politically, social welfare, educationally, in the media and entertainment, healthcare, family, economic & spiritual.

Scope Of Expansion:

Chapters have currently been inaugurated in Uyo, and Calabar in Nigeria and London, United Kingdom. The rest of other countries are in preparation. We trust God for  His leadership for establishment in all the other nations.


We trust God to touch lives though this ministry in 2019. We are believing God to open the doors into the European nations in 2019.

Other Nations  Open For  Missions Now:

  • United States
  • Nigeria
  • Jamaica
  • Uganda
  • South Africa

Much more will be happening as we obey God and flow with His plans. So please do watch this page, in case we have to make needed changes to

With Love,

Enomfon Ntefon

Our Team

4 nations in one team! Rev Sade in South Africa, Rev Ethel from Nigeria, Rev Enomfon from UK & Dr Yana from USA.

In Dallas, Texas with Kingdom Women in Ministry.

London, United Kingdom.

Calabar, Nigeria.

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Music Women Ministry, Uyo, Nigeria.