About Harmony Of Hearts International

Harmony of Hearts Music’s mandate is to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers according Malachi 4:6. This is to be done by creating worship and prayer altars, engendering family and church unity, bridging generational gaps, and facilitating ministry partnerships.

The brokenness and rejection from family fall-outs whether it be from backsliding, church family fall-outs, marriage, or family misunderstandings, estrangement at whatever level is simply indescribable. At a societal level, this  phenomena creates a youth-gang culture, knife crimes, prison incarcerations, fatherless children, under-performances and a string of social evils that our government and the church is seeking to solve consistently.

Spiritually this portrays a nation in desperate need of revival that will turn the hearts of the fathers and children towards each other. This prophetic sign is our signal for revival. In that same sequence, Harmony of Hearts Music engenders a unity of the spirit in the bond of peace for the church.

Through prophetic songs and sounds from the Lord, Harmony of Heart Music is spreading through facilitation of healings, restoration and re-alignments in music, worship and praise warfare…so that the remnant of humanity would seek after God.  Revival for our land will be facilitated by unity among God’s people according to Psalms 133.

About Enomfon

Enomfon Ntefon is an anointed Psalmist, a Recording Artiste, Prolific Writer, a Prophetic Teacher, a Mentor-Coach and a Pastor. She has a B.A in Advanced Church Planting and Administration from Vision Bible College, Uyo affiliated to Ramona University, California.  She also has Diploma qualifications in Stress Management and Corporate Stress Management Practitioner.

She has mentored and pastored many women and men in marriage and ministry across cultures.

Enomfon has published several books such as Fulfilling Your Destiny, Beyond Sexual Attraction, How To Know A Man Loves You, Winning Mum, Maximising Your Potential As A Pastors Wife (unpublished) and 101 Wisdom Nuggets for Teens and Parents. She has also co-authored Frankness Between Husband & Wife.

She has released 3 albums, “Break Forth Into Singing”, “Harmony of Hearts” and “Build The Bridges Now”.

“We Declare Justice”  the 4th album is to be released later in the year and a Single, “There Is Revival In The Air” in January, 2019.

She is a mother of 5 children, Mrs Edidiong-abasi Umoren, Uduot-eti, Eseabasi, Ammek and Afonama who really rock her world.

She is also a grandma to El-Tamim who sings over the phone and is getting ready to bless her generation.